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Chocolate Dip Delights™ Spring Sweets Chocolate Covered Strawberries - 6-piece

Celebrate spring with a sweet sensation your special recipient will melt over with a gift of Chocolate Dipped Delights™ Spring Sweets Real Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Master chocolatiers have joined forces with Mother Nature to create a singularly sensational experience of extraordinary pleasure that will inspire happy memories and a yen for just one more. Each plump, vine-ripened strawberry is specially selected for its size, sweetness & juiciness & is topped with a healthy head of natural green strawberry leaves. It's then hand-dipped in velvety chocolate - dark, milk or white - and striped with countless zig-zags of pink, yellow, and lavender drizzled confections or topped with colorful sprinkles. With every bite, the strawberry's bright, sweet juice erupts, flooding the mouth with luscious and perfectly gorgeous natural flavor contrasting and mingling with the smooth, creamy chocolate. It's the perfect way to send your warmest spring wishes to friends and family near and far!

Chocolate Dip Delights™ Spring Sweets Chocolate Covered Strawberries - 6-piece
Item # 9875-1894-1101-2345
Shipped direct in a gift box.
Regular $49.99

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